Thankfully, It’s Not So Bad

Life is hard. You spend your days doing what you have to do to survive and thrive, while trying to enjoy the process, and none of it is easy. The stress and pressure of life is enough to make you forget that there are good things in your life at all. Funny how a day spent stuffing your face can change all of that, even if for just a moment.

What was that thing that I was thinking that time about that thing? Whatever. Om, nom, nom, nom…

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What Makes Everything Better…

Know What Makes Everything Better? Friends, alcohol and $.25 honey buffalo wings. I’ve had a rough weekend.

Mmmmm…wings… :-o***

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Blood is Thicker than Water…My Ass!

I love my family. I really do. Dysfunctional as things may be, I like these people. They tend to make the sides of my mouth turn up. I have done and would do anything for them. All that I have would be theirs if they needed it. But then there are that select few that I would see choking and probably not rush to give them the Heimlich, or I might forget how to perform CPR if they were having a heart attack, or I would likely add an extra kick if they were being jumped by a group of disgruntled drunks in a bar fight. Each one of these people knows who they are.

It’s funny, because I have friends that have treated me better than some family, and for that, I’m thankful. I think it’s time I STOP forgiving or being merciful, chuck deuces for good and establish the emotional brick wall.

Blood may be thicker than water, but water is way more refreshing. And if I don’t like the blood I got, there are always donors to match.

Yeah, I said it!

Things I Love About Weddings (#31WriteNow)

Yesterday was my aunt’s wedding, and because of this, I had no time to write a blog post. I tried to post it, but it my phone didn’t want to cooperate. Anyway, the wedding was freakin’ beautiful! I love weddings, especially the cake at the end. Mmmm…cake…

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