A Pig Flies!

Sometimes, when you want something so bad, you just close your eyes and go for it!

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Raccoons are Ferociously Hilarious!

This past week, this particular video capture cracked me the hell up! It has only confirmed that raccoons are the urban bandits of the animal world.

I’ll just take a little bit…ok, go, go GO!

Look at him! Look at how he scampered away like the Grinch stealing Christmas!

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Mid-Morning Mouse Mayhem!

Tuesday Morning…6:00 AM


Before I could open my eyes, I’m standing straight up in defense stance looking at my soon-to-be husband standing barely dressed at the head of our bed on the opposite side of mine. He’s just as defensive as I am, and all I could think was “Ok, I don’t smell smoke, I don’t hear anyone downstairs, where’s my knife? Where’s my phone? Where are my shoes? Radish! Pickles! Duck, duck, goose!”

This was me.

This was me leaping out of bed.

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