To Anthony Bourdain…

To Anthony Bourdain,

My fellow world traveler and foodie…

Since I will never get the chance to tell you in person, I would like to take this moment to tell you what your presence on this earth has meant to me.


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Racism is a Real-Life Horror Show

Sometimes, stepping out of the house feels like a real-life version of The Walking Dead when you’re Black.

Nothing like battling micro-aggressions first thing in the morning! :-/

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A Lesson In Sisterhood

This weekend felt like a big hug from my fellow Black sistren everywhere! And everyone knows that we give some of the best hugs ever!

Look at that. Warm and snug!

Look at that, warm and snug!

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Snag in the Network

Uggghhhhh, whose idea was this?!


Who was the first person to suggest that putting on a suit, gathering together in a room full of strangers, making frustrating small talk and passing out pieces of paper with our names on it was the way to get ahead in life? They must have been some unimaginative, pretentious egomaniac that wanted a chance to be seen while simultaneously pissing off the introverts…like me. They’re sadists. I’m convinced. It’s the only logical explanation.

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Thankfully, It’s Not So Bad

Life is hard. You spend your days doing what you have to do to survive and thrive, while trying to enjoy the process, and none of it is easy. The stress and pressure of life is enough to make you forget that there are good things in your life at all. Funny how a day spent stuffing your face can change all of that, even if for just a moment.

What was that thing that I was thinking that time about that thing? Whatever. Om, nom, nom, nom…

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