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Thankfully, It’s Not So Bad

Life is hard. You spend your days doing what you have to do to survive and thrive, while trying to enjoy the process, and none of it is easy. The stress and pressure of life is enough to make you forget that there are good things in your life at all. Funny how a day spent stuffing your face can change all of that, even if for just a moment.

What was that thing that I was thinking that time about that thing? Whatever. Om, nom, nom, nom…

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me. I’m a fat kid at heart, I think we all know this by now. So, a holiday dedicated to food makes me giddy. I get drunk with happiness. I see a spread of food and lose all reason. I forget what a limit is. I forget where I am. I forget why I’m even there. My mission becomes the feast! I don’t stop until every square inch of real estate on my plate is claimed by something delicious.

Yes, that too, just put it on the plate!

And as I sit and inhale the generous meal in front of me, slowly packing my arteries with all things sweet and fatty, I can’t help but pause and think about the loving hands that made it, and I’m reminded that I’m lucky enough to be loved. I am lucky enough to have been born into such circumstances that I have people to share this day with. I get to spend this holiday in a warm house with good food and good people, all of them healthy and accounted for; fun, interesting, caring people that are learning, growing, and achieving in their own ways every day.

In light of the events in Ferguson, MO and in other places all over the country, I remember that I’m fortunate enough to not be mourning a loved one. It makes me sad, but it makes me want to continue to  do more and be even better so that I can help others, so that they can enjoy the same things. I fear injustices finding their way to my path, but I’m glad for every day that I don’t experience it, and for each chance that I have in the days to come to help make the world better.

Tomorrow, I’ll be getting up to go back to the daily grind, and even though I’d rather spend the day snuggled up with my man and my cat, at the very least, I can be thankful that, it’s only for half the day, and in this economy, I’m thankful to even have a job. Though it may not be the most exciting, it pays the bills, has decent benefits and I can work toward what I want to do while I learn some great professional skills from a boss who is becoming more of a mentor than a manager. Not too many people can say this.

I may not be sure where I’m going or if everything is going to work out in these difficult times, but if what I already have is any indication, then maybe it’s not so bad, and I don’t have to worry so much.


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