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A Pig Flies!

Sometimes, when you want something so bad, you just close your eyes and go for it!

One day, I was at work, browsing the internet doing important work stuff when I came across this picture from one of my favorite sites, Lost at E Minor. The first thing I thought was, holy shit, they finally did it! They’ve engineered pigs to fly! Or is that some kind of parade float? I went to actually read the title and it said:

The great escape: pig jumps out of moving truck in desperate bid for freedom”

YES! Go, Pig!

Look at it! It closed it’s eyes and leaped! Look how high off the ground that is! It’s a moving truck, it could have killed itself!

But he said “Not today!” He turned to his pudgy, complacent colleagues and said: “Get slaughtered if ya want to, I am off this! There will be no crispy bacon today!” He then proceeded to shimmy up the side of the truck, close his eyes, and leap! And look at that, he stuck the landing!

THAT! The pig did that!

But in all seriousness, this pig’s story is equal parts awesome and sad.

Awesome, because I love animals, I value freedom, and I love when anyone flips the figurative bird to the “man” and does something outrageous for the sake of their survival or austerity.

Sad, because…I mean…they’re probably going to a slaughterhouse.

But you know what? We can all learn something from this pig.

How often have you been herded onto a crowded train like cattle, or stuck in a long line of traffic like sheep on the way to a place that you absolutely dreaded? Every day, right?


Look familiar?

Well, this animal, said “No more!” The same way we should do, but much like the other little piggies, we are either too afraid to jump or are just going along for the ride. All it takes is one to make the leap. This pig probably didn’t know if what he was doing was dangerous. If he did, he probably felt such an urgent call to action and self-preservation that it just knew that whatever it was about to do, it was better than staying put and being taken somewhere that it’s little pink hooves wouldn’t go by themselves.

That or he was just unaware of the danger and said “Hey, what’s that down there?”. Maybe he was just curious and wanted to explore.

But look at the triumph! Standing there clean and unscathed…like a boss…hog.

The moral of the story is, we can choose to go through life on autopilot, led to a daily slaughter of monotony, feeding the beast our time, creativity, and intelligence. Or, we can get off this ride to certain soul-crushing death and take that dangerous, uncertain leap.

Dammit, if this pig can fly fall off of a truck and survive, then you can do probably do some abnormally awesome stuff too! 😀

Unfortunately, the poor little piggy was recaptured, and we may never know what came of him. But you know what? This little piggy will not have been captured in vain. His little pink heart was brave and strong, and will be remembered for generations! Viva la revolucion, little piggy!

Simpsons Flying PIg

And people said he couldn’t do it! Go, pig, go!


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