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Dear Summer…Wait, Where You Goin’?!

Noooo, don’t leave me!

Autumn is okay, I guess. I get to wear nice boots and sweaters, and go apple picking, drink seasonal lattes, and watch the leaves change to pretty colors.

Ooohhh, pretty!

Ooohhh, pretty!

But I’d take Summer all year if I could. Well, maybe not all year. We can throw some Spring and Fall in there. But DEFINITELY not Winter.

That bitter bitch.

Winter hates everyone except polar bears and animals that burrow underground to hibernate. Winter should be limited to the North Pole and Antarctica, and should last only a month anywhere else if at all.

With Summer starting to crash after partying for 3 months straight, I’m reminded that fun time is over and my whole life is about to be cold.

I’m a Spring baby, my parents are from the south and the Caribbean. It’s in my DNA to live in warm climates! What the hell am I supposed to do with crisp Autumn air or Jack Frost chewing at my face? Not a damn thing but freeze and be bitter.

Would you put him in the tropics? NO! He'd be pissed too!

Would you put him in the tropics? NO! He’d be pissed too!

On the up side, there’s always the Holidays.

Halloween…an excuse to eat make and share caramel apples and holiday-themed cookies, watch kids and drunk adults dress up like their favorite degenerates.

Then there’s…wait…whoa-ho, wait a minute…Thanksgiving! The FOOD holiday!

The day of my gluttonous kind! You mean I get to eat…all day?! And no one will judge me for it?!

Well, maybe Autumn isn’t SO bad. I’ll deal with it and just countdown until the next time I can see daylight at 8 PM. 😦

Yes, Summer…I will watch the skyline and wait.


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