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What Makes Everything Better…

Know What Makes Everything Better? Friends, alcohol and $.25 honey buffalo wings. I’ve had a rough weekend.

Mmmmm…wings… :-o***

I’ve experienced a roller coaster ride of experiences from absolute rage to exuberance. Despite the BS, what really makes life tolerable is good friends, good food, and your favorite alcoholic beverage.

Yeah…yeah…you pour that cider…

The idea that there is more than one person in the world that has your back no matter what and will tell you the truth is a wonderful thing. To have that confirmation that someone understand you and loves all of your strengths and weaknesses makes each and every day tolerable.

Even though you can’t see these people every day due to grown-up responsibilities, you know that you will enjoy it that much more when you do find time to get together. And when you do get together, wonderful things happen. I live for these people and the moments that we create. I am extremely grateful. Cupcakes for all of you!

Love, Taj


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