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Hey! Shut Up Over There! (Bad Neighbors)

What…is…WRONG with these people?! Where do they come from? Why did they choose to live HERE?! Why don’t they GO AWAY?!


I’m talking about those unsavory variants of our city neighbors who are rude and inconsiderate, loud and obnoxious, uneducated and don’t want to be educated, are underachievers and lack any signs of ambition, a drain on society, destructive and apathetic, and lack any kind of real grace or composure. They are likely to display a combination of two or more of these characteristics at any given time, but never less than two.

They come in all races (white people, too! Don’t think you’re getting away that easy), shapes, and sizes, but they have the same thing in common: they tend to make my life space miserable.

They’re the type to argue at the top of their lungs, outside, at 2AM about who punched who first in their last domestic knock-down-drag-out, who drank the last Pabst Blue Ribbon, who stole his or her $10 off the bureau, why he/she cheated with that person at that basement party last week, or how those really are his kids and how he’s going to have to take care of them if he wants to keep coming over for sex. You know…the usual.

*sigh* These people here…

I had a neighbor that would fight every…other…day. I could hear every word and every slap. I could hear them through the walls and, most of the time, outside in front of the house, yelling and fist fighting. It was a young couple. The girl had 3 kids (not by that guy) and they would fight in front of them. They would also get the kids involved, and I had to hear it all-the-time. They moved out recently. It’s been quiet ever since. But now, some new dysfunctional neighbors moved in and they too like to holler and fight outside in front of everyone. Good grief!

WHY do they insist on spilling their putrid dysfunction on to the rest of us quiet, considerate, hard working, non-violent, sober, peaceful, public-assistance-paying tax-paying neighbors?

Ignore them, folks. That's how they hug.

Ignore them, folks. That’s how they hug.

Is this their version of a mating dance, or something? Is this how they show us they appreciate us by putting on a free horror show every other day? Do they think we’re all family and should know their business?


We get sick of hearing sirens and police scanners near YOUR apartment every week. We get sick of your hood melodramas. Why must you continuously put on display your episodes of domestic violence, child neglect, and other issues then get mad at us when we ask you to shut the hell up?! We get sick of you tweaking out from crack or methadone withdrawal and damn near killing each other. Look, either get it over with or move out! We’re trying to sleep over here!


Plenty of my neighbors are educated and hard-working, some working toward their education. They’re pleasant and are trying to establish or maintain successful careers and family lives.

Now, don’t get me wrong…
Poverty does not automatically mean barbarism. I’ve experienced more hospitality and good will from those with less to give. Hell, I grew up poor!
Lack of education does not equate to lack of compassion. Some of the kindest and most down-to-earth people (and actually the smartest) didn’t do that well in school for a number of reasons.
Drug use does not always result in ornery behavior. I’ve had some pleasant and quiet neighbors who I found out were “on something” after the fact. Besides, everyone has that one relative…

Goddammit, Uncle Ray! Every Christmas…!

These aren’t the people I’m talking about. I’m not that judgmental! I just want to live in a peaceful environment with other people who want the same thing!

Silly me, I actually like the sound of silence, the wind blowing through the trees, birds chirping. It actually DOES happen in this city…when people act right.


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