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Things I Love About Weddings (#31WriteNow)

Yesterday was my aunt’s wedding, and because of this, I had no time to write a blog post. I tried to post it, but it my phone didn’t want to cooperate. Anyway, the wedding was freakin’ beautiful! I love weddings, especially the cake at the end. Mmmm…cake…

Anyway, here is what I love about weddings:

1) I get to dress up and be girly.

Stylin’ on ’em!

2) Trying to hold my laughter during the church ceremony…a quiet Catholic wedding ceremony. I’m too tempted to make jokes when it’s that quiet.

3) The bride and the whole bridal party lookin’ sharp.

4) Knowing that you’re not the only one taking your heels off and changing into flats once the ceremony is over.

5) Meeting relatives you’ve never met before and realizing that your family is way bigger than you thought.

6) The hilarious things that little kids do on a dance floor (or anywhere) when music comes on.

Get it!

7) Oh, snap! Buffet dinner!

8) Watching people get drunk slowly but surely.

9) Two words: Cha Cha Slide

Cha cha real smooth!

10) Cake…lots of it! I had 3 pieces don’t you judge me don’t you do it!

11) Taking a thousand pictures because you KNOW you look fly.

12) Getting so full of food that you only last two songs before you want to lay down and take a nap.

13) Eating more cake!
(Someone had to take the 4th from me and pour water over it to keep me from eating it.)

What? It's just a slice! Why are you looking at me like that?

What? It’s just a slice! Why are you looking at me like that?

14) Endless jokes and good conversation over party music.

15) Seeing the bride and groom more happy than you’ve ever seen them before.

15) Looking around and realizing that no matter where you go and what happens, you will always have these wonderful people as your family.


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