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Dial P for Priorities… (#31WriteNow)

This morning, I was on the bus to work and saw these two little girls, about 13/14 years old, getting up to get off at the bus stop in front of the high school. Then I hear one of them say “I can’t believe this is the f*c&kin’ last day!” Uh oh, looks like someone’s in summer school and has a potty mouth. Then I look down to see that both these little darlings are holding expensive phones in their freshly manicured hands. I’m talking a brand spankin’ new iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy 4.

No way!

No way!

Are you kidding me?!

I don’t even have one of those, and I can afford it!

Let’s think about this for a second. Maybe you don’t see where I’m going with this. Teenagers…in summer school (FAIL!), with $500 gadgets. Who are the slacking-ass parents that thought it was important for these girls to have expensive phones and a cheap education? These kids failed a class (or classes) and are now spending half their summer getting a remedial crash course of what they failed. Why do they still have phones? Why do they still have friends?!

I understand, it’s not always the parents’ fault that some kids act out and slack off in school. But beside that, wouldn’t any reasonable parent punish this behavior and maybe, I don’t know, ground the kid?! Maybe take their fancy and expensive phone, sell it and give them a pre-paid, and then make them earn the privilege by getting good grades and, dare I say, a job? Nope, instead these kids have been taught to hold such low standards and expectations, that they are content with mediocrity and shiny new cell phone or what ever else they don’t need.

They’re being taught that hard work, discipline, and education are happenstance. They don’t matter. You can still have whatever you want whether you try or not. Education is just a thing that kids do while their parents are at work during the day. It’s not a life-long experience, it’s not a process that you take pride in or are fully engaged in. It’s just that thing that kids do until they’re 18.

What is wrong with people?! Are there no priorities?!
Why? WHY must I be surrounded by people who don’t think? Is this what the future looks like?

This can't be life! It can't be this bad!

This can’t be life! It can’t be this bad!

Having such low standards is one reason why some people don’t get anywhere. They lack discipline, and their priorities are all screwed up. I understand wanting to spoil your children and give them the world, but not at the expense of practicality and a chance at a successful life.

Not me, and not my future children! They’ll be overachievers (or else), and they will have to earn their luxuries. Even then, I still won’t get them anything that flashy, unnecessary or expensive. They will learn the importance of hard work, focus, ambition, and discipline. Because that’s the only way to get ahead.

*grumble* A $500 phone, they must be out of their gahtdamn minds!*grumble*


7 thoughts on “Dial P for Priorities… (#31WriteNow)

  1. A $500 phone??? Honey listen… Folks done lost their gahtdamned minds. For a teenager? With no job? Who pays no bills?

    Maybe its a good thing I don’t have any kids right now. My poor child… Nah…

    Now on the flip side… maybe the girls were taking classes to get ahead? *That’s my attempt to play devil’s advocate and try and find the bright side of this* But then again, based on the nails, phones, and amazing grasp of the English language, probably not.

  2. my 12 yr old son came at me sideways wanting a blackberry and i bust out laughing in his face. seriously. and he gets good grades!
    there are people that unfortunately set their children up to fail. their priorities are screwed and they end up passing these low values and standards to their children. it’s a sad vicious cycle.

    • lol Poor boy. He probably rehearsed his question and everything.

      Good for him (and you), getting good grades! šŸ˜€

      Yes, that vicious cycle is real. I live in a community and family full of people with low standards. Needless to say, I stay isolated a lot. I want to help, but when I try, they just brush me off and carry on with their behavior. I figure I can only help myself and those that are willing.

  3. Were they also wearing overly expensive shoes and clothes to their summer school classes? I remember *insert showing my age now* when all I wanted was a pair of BK Lights and my mom was so on the “You have lost your mind” tip. Now my little cousins rock gear that I look at the price tag as a grown adult and go — what the?

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