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Today’s Slump #31WriteNow

Let’s just be frank here…

I’m exhausted and I’m fresh out of ideas.

Screw it!

Actually, my fatigue is helping to stifle my ideas. Today was a busy day at work, so I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to write what I could have. I got home, cooked dinner, finished a couple of cases for work, and proceeded to type up a long, drawn out blog post that won’t see the light of day for a while, because I’m wondering if it’s appropriate to post.

I’m still hungry even after eating dinner, but I’m trying not to eat because I still have to do my ab workout before I go to sleep. Oh, and to top it all off…I had sugar today.

Yeah, I said it! I had sugar. It was a danish. They had a whole bunch of them at work. They were there, free for the taking. Danishes, muffins, scones, dozens and dozens of them…on a big table that I had to pass every time I walked to the water cooler. I couldn’t take it.

Look at it! Go on, look at it! NO ONE can refuse a danish!

I ate one.

It was strawberry.

I liked it!

And I’d do it again, goddammit!

You know why? Because life ain’t perfect and neither am I. And YES, I have to keep repeating this cliched mantra to keep my inner perfectionist from flipping over a table and choking me.

But you know what, I can start again tomorrow. I have no other choice. I shall never give up! Never lose sigh…never surren…zzzzzzzz.


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