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By the Power of…Will! #31WriteNow

Yes…YES! I shall tackle my goals and be disciplined!

Ugh, but it’s so hard!

I don't wanna, I don't WANNA!

I don’t wanna, I don’t WANNA!

Seriously, I don’t want to give up sugar. I’m literally a sugar addict. I don’t know if I can keep a month-long routine. That takes a lot of work. Aaahhhh, doubt! BUT, I know that my desire to succeed is stronger than my laziness and weaknesses.

I’m super ambitious. I’m an over-achiever. I’m a perfectionist. I get stuff done…when I try…really hard. And sometimes, that takes some serious effort. Effort AND energy that I don’t think I have. Getting stuff done takes some serious dedication, focus, and a heaping pile of good ol’ “feel like it”. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with life and all of the things that I have to/want to do. However, I have learned to pull up my big girl panties and get it done, because a life of failure feels worse than the challenge itself.

This writing challenge, my sugar detox challenge, and my ab workout challenge are things that I really want to do. Why? Because they benefit my overall well-being AND by they’re not easy. Like I said before, I love a challenge. I don’t want it if it’s too easy. But I don’t want it to be so hard that it’s damn near impossible.

So, what motivates me?

The fear that I could fail combined with the desire NOT to fail
The desire for more/greater/better than what I have now
The fear of wasted potential
The fear of waking up and realizing that I’m the person that I don’t want to be and realizing that I’ve failed to prevent my downfall. *shudders* No, thanks! You can hold onto that!

NOPE! Keep your mediocre mess!

The way I see it, the motivation that I have now is the same motivation that got me through working and going to school full time. It got me over my biggest hurtles, earned me my biggest accomplishments, helped me survive my hardest times and tragedies, and pushes me every day to be the person that I want to be. It’s will power that keeps me from settling and being mediocre. As for this month’s challenges…

So far, so good:
I’ve written this blog post. WIN!
I haven’t had any sugar today. WIN!
I’m about to do my ab exercises. HOME STRETCH!

I can already feel the burn from the ab routine that I did last night. How freakin’ exciting! And…AND I can feel it working in all my target areas, which I have never been able to do before. I’m so proud of me! YAY!

It’s only the second day, but I’m excited.

Awwww, yeah!


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