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#31WriteNow Blog Challenge…and Others

I don’t know how to turn down a good challenge, especially when it’s doable (that’s a word, right?). If I just know I can accomplish it or that it will give me a good struggle toward absolute victory with a slight high chance of fail, then I say, bring it on!



Yesterday, one of my favorite-est (it’s a word now, ’cause I said so) bloggers Awesomely Luvvie posted a blogging challenge. The #31WriteNow challenge calls for bloggers to post an entry to their blogs once a day for 31 days. Why does this work wonders for me? Because it forces me to be creative. I need that. I feel like I have been neglecting my creative side, and I’m always second-guessing my ability to produce content from the world of thoughts that I have constantly swirling around in my head. This challenge will push me to get some of this stuff out. This means, that this blog won’t be a waste of all of our time: I do my job and you get to read it. I’m pretty damn excited, I don’t know about you.

This challenge will be a good way for me to discipline my self some more and to challenge myself once again to adhere to something routine (which is freakin’ hard, man!). I have this fear of not completing things, especially when “life happens”, and “life happens” to me all the time with a vengeance. So, I’m often reluctant to starting something, for fear that I won’t finish. Not finishing = Failing. Well, to me, it does. This challenge will also be an experiment to see how far I can actually go with my goals at this stage in life.

This must be challenge season, because this writing challenge comes one the heels of other challenges that I’m doing. I have committed to cutting down on sugar for two weeks, which I might extend for the whole month of August. Anyone that knows me knows how hard that is for me. I’m a sugar addict. Legit. Seriously. I talk about cupcakes a lot, because they are the smack for my veins. I need to detox, so I’m doing it cold-turkey as far as desserts and candy goes. Fruit is fair game.

I am also doing a 24-Day Ab Challenge, which I might extend for the entire month of August. I’m already cutting out sugar, so this will make it easier for me to see results. Oh, snap! Isn’t this convenient?! I’ve been jonesing for some challenging physical activity anyway, and knowing me, this will prompt me to work on my overall well-being and incorporate other aspects to my workout. Maybe I’ll finally form a stable gym routine or something. *sigh* I miss my muscles and stuff. :-/

How have you challened yourself lately?


10 thoughts on “#31WriteNow Blog Challenge…and Others

    • lol Thanks!
      Eh, just write for the hell of it. Pick up where you left off. Blog about missing the days you missed or something. It’ll be fun. No pressure. 🙂

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