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Hey, how’s it goin’?

I don’t know how you found this page, but dammit, I’m glad you’re here! Sit down, get cozy, because there’s a lot to talk about. I’ve been told I have a lot to say. I’ve been told that I should have been a lawyer as much as I debate. Well, now I have my own space in which to say it all and not care how the next person feels. How ’bout that! 🙂 Well, who am I that you should care what I think? Funny you should ask. I’m just another individual with a voice and an opinion. I’m an all around empathetic and observant person. I happen to have a love for the arts and nature, but I’ve yet to master either. Eh, I’m half-assed at times, but my intentions are there. I’m working on it, don’t judge me. I’m multi-dimensional and very unconventional, but I’m really not that difficult to understand. I know bits and pieces of stuff, but not enough to be an expert at anything. I’ll share the world through my eyes, and we can talk about it. You might nod and agree or damn near break your fingers responding in anger…Bring it! Hehehehe >:-) There will be moments of sarcasm, laughter, anger, bewilderment, open dialogue, and whatever else a person can feel. I’m a mix of things that you will come to understand the more you read, but that comes in time. I guess we’ll learn about me together. Consider this an ongoing open letter to society as well as an intentionally opened journal. Don’t worry, it’ll be fun! Wait, where ya goin’?! There’s no over-share, I promise!




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